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Hi! We are Laurie Blue and Stephanie Blue, mother in law and daughter in law, proprietors of Lillie's Garden, a small flower farm bringing you beautiful, seasonal gifts from the garden. We're pleased you found us! We want to share a little about us.

First some history....Lillie's Garden began in the 1990s when Laurie was a stay-at-home mom to two boys, who loved being outdoors.  What started with a few seed packets, a funky old rototiller, and endless days outside grew into two acres of flowers, herbs and grasses. All of which were cut and harvested for fresh cut flowers, an array of dried floral wreaths, swags and arrangements.


Lillie's is named after Laurie's grandmother, Lillie, who grew a beautiful garden in Kalispell, MT.  The visits to gramma's house planted the early "seeds" of appreciation and love of flowers. 


Lillie's Garden flourished and grew over the years with the help of the boys, their friends, and many others who helped weed and harvest.  Closing after the economic downturn in 2009, Lillie's was never really closed.  Laurie knew it was not the end of her passion to grow and produce. In 2010 Laurie's son, Garrett, married Stephanie. A friendship and mutual love of flowers and growing began to flourish between Laurie and Stephanie. Each were growing their own vegetable, herbs and flowers over the next several years.


In 2016 Laurie and Stephanie had the honor of preparing wedding flowers for Stephanie's sister. This led to the beginnings of the rebirth of Lillie's Garden.




Laurie Blue

Works full time for the State of Montana as an agricultural appraiser, after raising two boys she is now dog mom to two sweet girls, Lilly and Kyra.


Stephanie Blue

Stay-at-home, homeschooling wife and mother to five beautiful children, producing and preserving much of their food at their home just outside of Bozeman. 

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